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Searching for a solution for scar removal, sun spots or pigmentation problems?

In our skilled hands, the IPL system uses light energy as a non-invasive, quick, safe and effective treatment for facial veins, red veins, sun spots, and uneven pigmentation

If it’s scar removal you are after, we can combine it with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for results that are even more dramatic. 

At Skin Co we absolutely LOVE to give you the skin you dream of, and deserve. We live to provide solutions to skin issues, so you don’t have to let them get in the way of your life.

You've got to see it to believe it...

Keep scrolling for SIX incredible true skin stories.

Surgery scar

“This was a surgery scar on my hip from a few years back. I received some PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments here in the clinic to see if I could get some scar removal happening and I was SO pleased!! PRP is pretty magical with its results, this took only 2 sessions!”

Red facial veins

"I was absolutely thrilled to achieve this recent result for my client. As you can imagine it was life changing for her to experience this facial vein removal."

"The results come pretty quickly, and I'm passionate about helping you to get the results you want. You really don't have to live with skin issues"

Kelly, Founder of Skin Co

Remove skin imperfections safely and rejuvenate skin

Instant facial vein removal

This truly has to be seen to be believed! 

In most cases after just one simple treatment there is a reduction of up to 80% instantly. This is Kelly’s favourite treatment as the results she sees on a regular basis are truly spectacular. 

A different hand piece is used for facial vein removal as opposed to hair removal, as its wavelength looks for blood instead of melanin. When the light hits its target the light turns into heat and cauterises the vein instantly. The blood in the vein is taken away by your body and within 24 hours the lingering redness is gone. 

Kelly was a vascular surgery nurse and also trained in Sclerotherapy in London so she can also offer advice on other areas.

SKIN AREA: Male Nose  COST: $200 per treatment  LENGTH: 1 treatment

"Facial veins are often a problem for men, especially since they cannot hide them as easily. This client experienced a dramatic increase in his self esteem after just one treatment and continued with yearly maintenance."

SKIN AREA: Female Cheeks  COST: $280 per treatment  LENGTH: 1 treatment

"This client was concerned about general skin condition, also the surface facial veins. One treatment was performed and you can see for yourself the fantastic result six weeks later!"

Removal of sun spots, sun damage and uneven pigmentation

There are many reasons that we start to get brown marks on our skin including sun exposure, medications and hormones. Most of the damage that happens to our skin occurs in our younger years but we feel and see the effects so much more as we - and our skin - ages. Over time, brown marks begin to appear on areas that have had significant sun exposure.

However if you were feeling discouraged, IPL is an effective, safe and simple treatment we are skilled at delivering, to remove those pesky sun spots and uneven pigmentation.

SKIN AREA: Female Cheeks  COST: $350 per treatment  LENGTH: 1 treatment

"The pigmentation actually darkens immediately upon treatment and takes approximately one week to fall away from the skin surface, revealing a fresh new complexion. This client was thrilled to achieve this incredible result in just one session and do away with her concealer!"

SKIN AREA: Female Hands  COST: $200 per treatment  LENGTH: 1 treatment

"Removing pigmentation from hands can take years off them. We often look after our faces, but neglect our hands that work so hard for us. Again, this dramatic result was achieved in just one session. Many of my clients will add this on to their regular facial treatment."

*If any of these photos look familiar it could be that you have seen Kelly's work showcased elsewhere. She is New Zealand's trusted trainer of this state of the art machine - her work is the gold standard so why go anywhere but Skin Co?

“I absolutely always recommend you! Such huge results on my Mum's skin! We both enjoyed our visits with you every time!”

Rachel T

“I was amazed at how instantly the VPL treatment was for me and my red cheeks. Within two sessions, the red veins, which had dominated my cheeks for years, were gone. I wish I had done this earlier! The brief amount of pain you experience (if you've had a bikini wax you can handle this), is well worth it, especially in Kelly's comforting and safe hands."

Jeanette P

"I'm so glad I went to Skin Co! I had been so discouraged from getting no results and no personal care from a previous clinic but Kelly is the real deal!

Shayna P

Your questions answered

How does it work?

Intense Pulse Light or IPL works superficially to reduce the target that it is attracted to. This is either the redness (vascular) or brown spots (pigment). The IPL imitates a pulse that hits the skin surface and scatters its energy out. The impact destroy its target and essentially breaks down the colour and improves the skins tone.

While we, or any medi-aesthetic clinic for that matter, cannot guarantee complete scar removal, we can, in most cases, provide treatments that will work for you to significantly reduce the appearance of the scar, improve skin texture and help you to feel great about your skin’s appearance again.

Can you treat the veins on my legs?

Some small veins on the legs can be treated if they are red not blue. However the longest lasting and most dramatic result is always on the face. Generally we will say that IPL is not suitable for leg veins. We can offer a consultation on your areas of concern and help you make an informed decision on what is right for you.

If you are interested in scar removal and have a scar you would like us to look at, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll let you know how we can help you out too.

Will IPL remove all my skin pigmentation issues?

If your skin pigmentation has occurred for a reason other than sun damage, IPL may still help, but often the result is less dramatic. I can give you a good idea of what to expect during our consultation. In some circumstances I will do a test patch to make sure I can obtain an improvement that is worth spending your money on!  As with the other treatments, the darker marks are the easiest to remove because they have a greater target for the light to find.

The cost is a barrier for me - what do you suggest?

At Skin Co we are happy to offer you the services of Genoapay which enables you to book all the treatments you need and make payments in ten small instalments. We don't want anything to hold you back from the skin you deserve. Get in touch to find out more.

When can you see me?

Our clinic is open 6 days a week - use the form below to get in touch and we look forward to giving you back skin that you love!