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Facial hair removal and IPL laser hair removal? Choose Skin Co

Laser hair removal is now more popular than ever

The technology has advanced meaning more options and more affordable pricing for this incredible treatment which can truly change your life, giving much desired permanent hair reduction and facial hair removal. 

Put simply, light energy is harnessed to treat and remove unwanted hair safely and easily. Stop feeling like you’re the only one and stop hiding away - Kelly is passionate about setting you (hair) free!

“There are many areas of the body where unwanted hair will grow, and trust me, there is not an area of the female body where I have not removed hair!”
Kelly, Founder of Skin Co

HAIR REMOVAL AREA: Female Chin   COST: $120 per  TREATMENT LENGTH: 6 Sessions
Please note any redness from treatment disappears within hours.

Superior hair removal

Nothing gets us more excited than the life changing results we see on a daily basis! 

"The results I have received from Kelly at Skin Co have been amazing. I no longer wake up and worry about what my face looks like as I don’t need to give it a second thought! It really has been life transforming. Just look at the pictures [above]! Kelly dealt with all my questions at the beginning in a professional manner and reassured me the whole way. You really do receive a professional medical solution at Skin Co.”

Kelly S.

West Auckland Bikini line

Ever wondered what the difference is between IPL and laser hair removal?

At Skin Co we use the state of the art Energist VPL™ machine. VPL stands for Variable Pulsed Light and you may also know the technology as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) both which are an adaption of the laser. Lasers have been used in surgery for years. The IPL has been developed to be more suited to the needs within the beauty industry. The 'V' (Variable) factor enables adjustment for your unique skin or hair requirements.

This brilliant machine is the only one approved for use in the UK public health system and is CE (European Conformity) approved for permanent hair reduction. 

The main difference between IPL/VPL and laser hair removal is the light source used. IPL uses broad-spectrum visible light whereas laser hair removal utilises the properties of a laser which is very narrow, only covering a small spot at a time. As it operates with just one wavelength of light, it means it is looking for one kind of target. IPL gives in to the possibility of many more kinds of treatments and targets! IPL coverage is therefore several times the area, because the broad-spectrum light naturally spreads out, so treatments can be much quicker! It means larger areas can be treated at once.

It is amazing the difference a little IPL makes. 

IPL saves you time AND money

IPL treatments work out to be more cost effective than waxing long term. Many of my clients come with significant growth where waxing or electrolysis is just not an option and they become interested in laser hair removal. IPL treatments are spaced much longer apart and after a few treatments it is common to have many months in between appointments. If you’ve had trouble with ingrown hairs and scarring, IPL and is the best option as it stops the hair from growing and the ingrowns will disappear!

“Today was the first day in years that I didn’t shave my underarms because I didn’t need to! Thank you so much, Kelly!”

How should I decide where to go for laser hair removal treatments?

"If an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Cheap offers usually indicate a salon has bought a budget, substandard piece of equipment and the staff won't necessarily be trained to a high level.”

Debbie Thomas

At Skin Co we strive to be the best for you. Our staff are all Registered Nurses. We have invested significantly in a superior machine that sees dramatic results, extensive ongoing training so we are always up with the play, and in fact we are the go-to trainers for other specialists who wish to use this machine.

We don’t cut corners, we just cut the time you need to spend shaving, waxing and hiding away from life because of embarrassing or unwanted hair!

“Most of my clients will achieve long term, stable hair reduction. Everyone will receive an in-depth consultation prior to treatment. During this time we will discuss any factors that may determine how many treatments you are likely to need.  I walk you through the process, adjusting things as necessary and getting your feedback and monitoring results at every session. If I have any concerns that the treatment won't be suitable, then I will do my best to recommend another option for you. Generally, if the hair is dark, we will see fantastic results!”

Kelly, Skin Co

Kelly | Skin Co

It’s about YOU

Men and women alike are seeking treatments and finding the answer here at Skin Co with laser hair removal being one of the most popular.

As we say about all of our treatments, this is not a vanity pursuit. We truly care about you and how you feel about yourself from the inside out. If excess or unwanted hair is holding you back from stepping out and being confident - know that you are not alone. But be the one who takes the step to do something about it and you will be so glad you did. Whatever fears, embarrassments or concerns you may have we have seen it before. We know how to take you from A to B with IPL (that’s a lot of letters!). If you already feel great and just want to reduce your list of things-to-do in your beauty regime we are down for that as well. 

No judgement here, just results.

Is there a real difference for me at Skin Co?

Yes. That’s a resounding YES! There really is. Here are some of the reasons:


All Skin Co staff are Registered Nurses - Registered means they are engaged in ongoing professional development and keep to the highest standards of competency. which means you are in the safest hands. In fact, Kelly’s passion for quality IPL treatments began when she herself got burned (read more here)

You don’t need to go far to see the horror stories produced when people seek treatments from those who are untrained, inexperienced or just unaware of the potential risks when laser hair removal is not done correctly. Painful burns, scarring and simply a lack of results are common. At Skin Co we go beyond best practice and everything we do is about YOU - your safety, your comfort, and of course, your results.

Experience and atmosphere

Skin Co is a gorgeous boutique clinic. From the second you enter the beautifully restored historic Lopdell House building in Titirangi, you will know you are in a special place. 

Kelly meets you in the upstairs foyer and will walk you through to the private room. She understands it’s not always an easy thing to do. There is vulnerability in baring your biggest insecurities but you will know straight away that can trust her completely. Can someone say warm, friendly and FUN? You will think you are catching up with your favourite friend and before you know it you’ll be zapped and hair free! 

Kelly has over 14 years experience and she has seen it all and bought the t-shirt. Nothing will shock or surprise her, and her zone of genius is in talking you through it so you not only feel at ease but have a laugh at the same time!

Care and attention through the whole process - before, during and after

From the first moment you reach out, to your in depth consultation and briefing on any treatment you undertake, through the whole treatment process to the follow up after your treatment, you know you are in good hands. Kelly is not just a cog in a wheel at an impersonal mass market clinic. She cares about your results. IPL laser hair removal is her passion and she has built her business and reputation around it. 

"Having received IPL treatments from Kelly at SkinCo over the last year, I can only speak highly of her professional approach, commitment, attention to detail and wealth of experience that is backed up by the real results she achieves for her clients (like me). I have always felt 100% safe in her hands! Highly recommended!!"

Ronja Schipper

Some common questions about IPL

Does it hurt?

It depends on the area. For hair removal areas such as arms and under arms you experience a very mild heat. The best description of the sensation is similar to when you are frying something and a bit of oil spits of your skin - it lasts an instant. Areas such as the upper lip are treated in under a minute, so the sensation is really easy to deal with. If we are doing a full Brazilian there are some spots that will make you jump! I am very good at talking my clients through this and if you are used to waxing, it will be no worse!

How much does IPL cost?

A Skin Co consultation is free of charge. During this time I will give you a quote for your treatment. Treatments can start from $50. We may even be able to do a test patch to see if what we are recommending will work well for you. If our machines are not the right fit for the results you want and need, we will do out best to recommend an alternative treatment. 

How many IPL treatments are necessary?

For hair reduction...

Hair goes through three stages of growth and can only be killed in the active growth phase. Approximately 10-30% of you hair is actively growing at any stage. It is important to understand that a client may need between 6-8 treatments. The treatments start at 6 weekly intervals and then move out, so say you were on your 4th bikini line treatment, you may not need to see me for 12 weeks in-between treatments.  Remember if there is no hair at the time of treatment, there is nothing to destroy.  If you have a series of treatments and need to stop for a while due to any reason, this is fine as you can never undo the treatment. Just remember that one treatment a year is recommended to maintain the result.

Is IPL hair removal permanent?

Most clients will achieve long term, stable hair reduction. The Energest VPL is CE approved for permanent hair reduction. There are many factors that will influence the result such as genetics, hormones and some medications. Any of these factors may cause some hair to grow in an area that has been treated, these are not the same hairs, but your body triggering a follicle that has not previous produced hair.  Areas such as bikini line and underarms work incredibly well and a good result would be considered above a 95% reduction. This will usually take 6-8 treatments, then you have one a year to stay on top of the reduction. Many of my clients have such a significant reduction that they will pop in after 5 years. The area that is the most difficult is facial hair removal, due to the hormonal component. For example, a woman who has polycystic ovaries may need up to 4 treatments a year after the initial 6-8, to maintain the result. However this still works out to be more cost effective than waxing long term.  A lot of my clients come with significant growth therefore waxing or electrolysis is just not an option.

What should I do before my treatment ?

Please do not wax the area for at least a month. I like to see the hair I am treating to convey to the machine what the hair looks like. If you can avoid shaving for a week please do. My facial hair ladies, you can continue to trim the hair but please leave at least 1mm above the skin showing. If you have any concerns about managing the hair before you start, please call me and I can talk you through it. 

You will need to keep sun on the area to a minimum or apply sunscreen to the area to keep the tan (melanin) down.  This is so the machine heats the hair, not your skin.  

I have a very thorough consultation process and will answer any and all of the questions you may have about IPL, laser hair removal or facial hair removal. Also feel free to call or email me with any concerns you may have about starting or simply book in your consultation now and let’s get you that skin you dream of!