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FAQs about IPL treatment

All staff at Skin Co. are Registered Nurses with extensive experience in the medi-aesthetic field. You are in the best hands!

Does IPL hurt?

It depends on the area. For hair removal areas such as arms and under arms you experience a very mild heat. The best description of the sensation is similar to when you are frying something and a bit of oil spits of your skin - it lasts an instant. Areas such as the upper lip are treated in under a minute, so the sensation is really easy to deal with. If we are doing a full Brazilian there are some spots that will make you jump! I am very good at talking my clients through this and if you are used to waxing, it will be no worse!

Veins and pigment.  Yes, these treatments you do feel.  The level of discomfort is usually tolerated well and when you see the result you will be back for more. We can also use a numbing cream if you really can't stand any discomfort.

How much does IPL cost?

A consultation is $30. During this time I will give you a quote for your treatment. Treatments start at $99. Please remember if you come for a consultation and I recommend using another machine or not treating the area, there is no charge for the consult.

How many IPL treatments are necessary?

For hair reduction...

Hair goes through three stages of growth and can only be killed in the active growth phase. Approximately 10-30% of you hair is actively growing at any stage. It is important to understand that a client may need between 6-8 treatments. The treatments often start at 6 weekly intervals and then move out, so say you were on your 4th bikini line treatment, you may not need to see me for 12 weeks in-between treatments.  Remember if there is no hair at the time of treatment, there is nothing to destroy.  If you have a series of treatments and need to stop for a while due to any reason, this is fine as you can never undo the treatment. Just remember that one treatment a year is recommended to maintain the result.

For veins and pigmentation...

The best result will be achieved in your first treatment. Usually 1-2 are needed in some cases if there is significant pigment or veins it may take 3 treatments. Most of my clients will come in again within a few years to get anything else that may have appeared.

Is IPL hair removal permanent?

Most clients will achieve long term, stable hair reduction. The Energest IPL is CE approved for permanent hair reduction. There are many factors that will influence the result such as genetics, hormones and some medications. Any of these factors may cause some hair to grow in an area that has been treated, these are not the same hairs, but your body triggering a follicle that has not previous produced hair.  Areas such as bikini line and underarms work incredibly well and a good result would be considered above a 95% reduction. This will usually take 6-8 treatments, then you have one a year to stay on top of the reduction. Many of my clients have such a significant reduction that they will pop in after 5 years. The area that is the most difficult is the face, due to the hormonal component. For example, a woman who has polycystic ovaries may need up to 4 treatments a year after the initial 6-8, to maintain the result. However this still works out to be more cost effective than waxing long term.  A lot of my clients come with significant growth therefore waxing or electrolysis is just not an option.

What should I do before my treatment ?

Please do not wax the area for at least a month. I like to see the hair I am treating to convey to the machine what the hair looks like. If you can avoid shaving for a week please do. My facial hair ladies, you can continue to trim the hair but please leave at least 1 mm above the skin showing. If you have any concerns about managing the hair before you start, please call me and I can talk you through it. 

You will need to keep sun on the area to a minimum or apply sunscreen to the area to keep the tan (melanin) down.  This is so the machine heats the hair, not your skin.  

I have a very thorough consultation process and will answer any and all of the questions you may have. Also feel free to call or email me with any concerns you may have about starting.

Who can't be treated?

  • I do not perform treatments if you are pregnant but it's fine if you are breast feeding.
  • Treatments can not be performed on anyone who is having photo sensitising medication such as Roaccutane. 
  • Because the machine produces a flashing light, if you suffer from epilepsy and flashing lights trigger this, treatment must be avoided.
  • Some skin tones are too dark to be treated safely, again this will be assessed at the consultation.

Do you guarantee your work?

The short answer is yes we do. Please talk to Kelly during your consultation about the ways we work to ensure you get the results you expect.