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Searching for a laser clinic for your BEST skin?

Searching for a Laser Clinic for your BEST skin?

Skin Co is not your average laser clinic

In fact, we are not a laser clinic at all.

At Skin Co we use the state of the art Energist VPL™ machine. It's the only one approved for use in the UK public health system and we think it’s the best here in New Zealand too. VPL stands for Variable Pulsed Light and you may also know the technology as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which is an adaption of the laser developed specifically for the beauty industry. The 'V' (Variable) factor enables adjustment for your unique skin or hair requirements. 

The results speak for themselves and all results shown here are Skin Co's own.

​But what do you care what machine we use?

All you really need to know is: how you feel in your OWN skin is all that matters to us.

Kelly is a highly skilled IPL nurse with over 16 years experience, an industry trainer, and a Registered Nurse. The skin you want could be closer than you think.

Specialist Skin Co treatments

All treatments are suitable for both men and women. Our consultations are free.

“Kelly is a rare find in this industry, her vast medical and clinical experience coupled with the highest level of commitment to client care is exceptional. Kelly has to be one of the most experienced IPL operators in New Zealand. West Auckland has been waiting for someone to provide this level of expertise, and now we have Kelly."

Ruth Nicholson | Director of NZ Laser Training Ltd

Men and women alike are finding results that change their lives at Skin Co.

Skin concerns like sun spots, red veins and unwanted hair can hold you back from the life you want, but please know that you aren’t alone. As specialists in the field of skin solutions, we are all about you feeling your best in your OWN skin. 

We’re not in the business of creating supermodels. You choose Skin Co because you desire and deserve exceptional, safe, best-practice care and results you love.

Whatever fears, embarrassments or concerns you may have we have seen it before. If you already feel great and just want to reduce your list of things-to-do in your beauty regime we are down for that as well. 

No judgement here, just results.

“I was amazed at how instantly the IPL treatment was for me and my red cheeks. Within two sessions, the red veins, which had dominated my cheeks for years, were gone. I wish I had done this earlier! The brief amount of pain you experience (if you've had a bikini wax you can handle this), is well worth it, especially in Kelly's comforting and safe hands."

Jeanette P

Where does Kelly's passion for safety come from?

16 years ago, I went to work at a laser clinic where I received a small amount of training and started attending laser clinics around Auckland. During some downtime, I performed a treatment on myself and ended up with a significant burn. I realised very quickly I was not qualified to be using the machine. 

When I approached the owner of the company and informed him that I needed more training, I was told to be quiet and get on with it! This simply wasn't acceptable to me. I wasn't willing to put any client at risk and immediately handed in my notice.

Skin Treatments | Registered Nurse

The problem was, I loved the work, I loved the clinic and I loved helping clients...

Not one to back down from a challenge, I decided that what I needed to do was excel in the field.

I flew to Australia to train under the best in the business, returned and set up Skin Co with a passion for raising standards in the industry. These machines are fantastic when used properly, but unfortunately there were no safety standards or protocols to ensure the clients were receiving safe treatments.  

After gaining my qualifications and an in-depth knowledge of the subject, I become a trainer in Auckland and a representative for the Energist Ultra System. I believe the Energist is a sophisticated & extremely effective machine when combined with a highly skilled technician. 

I continue to see amazing results every clinic!

Laser Clinic

What's the difference between IPL and laser hair removal?

Lasers have been used in surgery for years. The IPL is an adaptation of the laser, developed for the beauty industry. The main difference is the light source: IPL uses broad-spectrum light that naturally spreads out, so the coverage of IPL hair removal devices is greater than laser hair removal devices. 

While a narrow laser beam can only cover a small spot at a time, IPL coverage is several times the area, and therefore treatments can be much quicker! Another major point of difference is that a laser is generally operating with one wavelength of light, meaning it's always looking for one kind of target. IPL  with its broad spectrum of light, allows the possibility of many more kinds of treatments and targets!

It is amazing the difference a little IPL makes for permanent hair reduction, skin concerns such as red veins, scarring and sun damage.

So who are you going to trust with your skin?

Skin Co | Lopdell House | Titirangi | West Auckland

How you feel about yourself from the inside out is what we're about

We are located in the beautifully restored Lopdell House in Titirangi Village. It’s not as far west as you think! (Seriously, Google it!) Your best future skin starts here and we look forward to hearing from you.